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60W 16V 3.75A (6.5mm/4.4mm Tip w/pin inside) AC Adapter for Fujitsu Lifebook Model: PCGA-AC16V1

SKU: 09061-002
NewPowerSupply.com new item 1 year warranty.
*** Discontinued ***
Input: AC100-240V
Output: DC16V 3.75A
Power: 60W
Outlet: 2-prong
Connecter size:
Internal Diameter: 4.4mm
External Diameter: 6.5mm
With pin inside

Replace Part Number: 1007-0600 FMW-AC317 FMW-AC7 FMWACCA FPCAC02 FPCAC05 FPCAC06 FPCAC07 FPCAC08 FPCAC14 FPCAC14A FPCAC23 FPCAC28AP PSCV480103A PSCV600104A CA01007-0850 CA01007-0870

Fit Laptop models:
Fujisu lifebook 200 series, 400 Series, 600 Series, 700 Series.

Fujisu Lifebook B Series
B2130, B2131, B2175, B2610

Fujisu Lifebook C Series
C25, C340, C342, C345, C350, C352, C353, C4023, C4120, C4235, C5110, C5130, C6140, C6170, C6177, C6310, C6320, C6525, C6547, C6556, C6557, C6577, C6581, C7651

Fujisu Lifebook E Series
E330, E335, E340, E342, E350, E360, E362, E6520, E6530, E6541, E6550, E6555, E6575, E6577, E6595, E6596

Fujisu Lifebook i Series
i4120, i4170, i4177, i4178, i4187, i4190

Fujisu Lifebook P Series
P2000, P2040, P2110, P2120

Fujisu Lifebook S Series
S2000, S4510, S5582, S6010

Fujisu Stylistic Series
Stylistic LT C-500, Stylistic LT P-600, Stylistic 1000, Stylistic 1200, Stylistic 2300, Stylistic 3400, Stylistic 3500, Stylistic 500

Brand New Replacement Product, works as genuine parts, 100% OEM Compatible!!

Power cord is included
TypeAC Adapter
Maximum Power60 watt
Input Voltage100-240V - 1.5A
Input Frequency50/60 Hz
Output16V 3.75A
SaftyCE, CCC, N1650
Connectors6.5mm/4.4mm Tip With pin inside
PackageBulk pack
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