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65W 19V 3.42A AC Laptop Adapter for Asus A, F, L, M and S Series Notebook Model: 90-N6APW2000

NewPowerSupply.com new item 1 year warranty.
*** Discontinued ***
Compatible 65-Watt AC Laptop Adapter for Asus

65W AC Adapter
Output Volt: 19V
Output Amp: 3.42 A
Input Voltage: 100 - 240 VAC
Power LED
Connector Tip - 5.5x2.5

Replace Part Number:
Original Part Number: 90-N6APW2000

A2 Series - A2L
A3 Series - A3Ac, A3E, A3G, A3H, A3Hf, A3Fc, A3Fp, A3N, A3L, A3Vc, A3Vp
A6 Series - A6F, A6G, A6Jc, A6Kt, A6L, A6Ne, A6R, A6Rp,A6V, A6Va, A6Vc, A6Vm, A6U
A8 Series - A8F, A8Ja, A8Jc, A8E, A8Fm, A8H, A8He, A8Je, A8Jn, A8Jr, A8Jv, A8M
A9 Series - A9Rp, A9T
F2 Series - F2F, F2Hf, F2J, F2Je
F3 Series - F3F, F3H
F5 Series - F5M, F5R
F9 Series - F9F, F9J
L2 Series - L2B, L2E
L3 Series - L3C
L4 Series - L4E, L4H, L4R
M2 Series - M2C, M2E, M2N, M2Ne
M3 Series - M3N, M3Np
M5 Series - M5A, M5Ae
M6 Series - M6A, M6Ae, M6C, M6Ce, M6N, M6Ne, M6R, M6V
M9 Series - M9A, M9F, M9J, M9V
S1 Series - S1N
S5 Series - S5A, S5Ae
S6 Series - S6F, S6F Leather Collection, S6Fm
S7 Series - S7F
U1 Series - U1F
U5 Series - U5A, U5F-
V6 Series - V6J, V6V, V6Va
VX Series - Lamborghini VX1
W1 Series - W1Ga, W1Gc, W1N, W1Na,
W3 Series - W3A, W3N, W3V, W3Z,
W5 Series - W5A, W5Ae, W5F, W5Fe, W5Fm
W6 Series - W6A, W6F-, W6Fp-
W7 Series - W7F
X51 Series - X51R
Z35 Series - Z35H, Z35L
Z91 Series - Z91G, Z91N, Z91L
Z92 Series - Z92U, Z92Vc

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