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6" 4 Pin P4 /12V to 8 Pin P8 /12V Power Supply Converter Cable ATX EPS12V

SKU: CR-6013
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LENGTH: 6" inches

The CR-6013 is made of soft, flexible, and high quality cables. An easy fix for motherboards that require the 8 pin 12V connector. You can use this converter cable to convert your 4 pin 12V connector to your 8 pin 12V connector on your motherboard.

Sometimes using the 4 pin connector is not enough. Motherboards with the 8 pin connector are designed such that there are other devices on the motherboard that require addition powers. The 8 pin socket often feeds 12 Volts to the CPU and other Motherboard items like onboard video, USB, Firewire, and such.
ATX/EPS12V (x1)
ATX12V (x1)
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