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ATX to Dell 20pin + 6pin Adapter Length 6 Inches

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ATX 20 pin Convert to Dell ATX 20 pin + 6pin Adapter Length 6 Inches
Adapter that converts ATX 20 pin connector to Dell proprietary 20 pin connector and Dell proprietary 6 pin connector. This adapter is specifically for converting a qualified ATX power supply for use in Dell Dimension 2100, 4100, B1000R, V350, V400, XPS B Series, XPS Dxxx, XPS Mxxx, XPS Rxxx, XPS Txxx, XPS P133c MT, XPS Pro 180n; OptiPlex G1 and GX1, GX110, GX115, GX300, GN, GN+, GXa, GXi; PowerEdge 2100, 2200; and Precision Workstation 210, 220, 400.
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