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Bestec ATX-1523F Micro-ATX 150W Small Form Factor (SFX) Power Supply Bulk-Pack

SKU: ATX-1523F
NewPowerSupply.com new item 1 year warranty.
*** Discontinued ***

For the same power supply with 250W please check Model: 8250SFX

For the same power supply with a 4-pin
video connector, please check P4-12V3

This Micro ATX power supply is a 150W, SFX Form Factor, five output unit, energy star certification, UL, CSA, CB, TUV, NEMKO and CE approvals. Aftermarket power for HP Pavilion computers requiring SFX Form Factor, Airflow drawn out of case by 80mm internal fan. Built-in power status LED above AC inlet Upgrade for HP 0950-3602, HP 0950-3657, HP 0950-3746, HP5184-2191, HP 5183-9078, HP 0950-3646, HP 0950-3994, HP 5185-2003, HP 0950-3449, HP 5185-2934 HP 5185-2917, HP 5185-2974, HP-K1363A3, HP-K1603A3, HP D9287-6900

Part Number0950-4097
Maximum Power150W
Input Voltage115/230V
SaftyUL, CB, CE, TUV, & FCC
Dimensions4.9 W x 2.5 H x 3.9 D - Inches
Connectors4 Peripheral, 1 Floppy, 1 ATX connector, and 1 ATX12V Connector
CoolingSingle ball bearing fan design
ProtectionBuilt-in voltage overload protection
ATX 20pin
ATX 20pin (x1)
ATX12V (x1)
Peripheral (x4)
Floppy (x1)
Fan (x1)
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