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Dell 235 watt H235P-00 SFF Power Supply Bulk DP/N: PW116, HP-D2352A0 for F235E-00, L235P-01, FR610

SKU: PW116
NewPowerSupply.com new item 1 year warranty.
*** Discontinued ***
Model: H235P-00
DP/N: PW116
P/N: HP-D2352A0
AC Input: 100-240V/ 4.5A, 50-60Hz
DC Output:
+5V 16A, +3.3V 5A, +12V 4A, +5VFP 4A, -12V 0.5A,
+5V And +3.3V Shall Not Exceed 88W
MAX Output Power: 235W
Safty: UL, N, R32098, CCC S&E, RUV S&E, CE,
Dimensions: 3.1 W x 2.4 H x 8.4 D - Inches
1x 24-Pin Mini ATX Power Connector
1x 4-Pin ATX Power Connector
1x SATA Power Connector
1x Slimline SATA Power Connector

For the Optiplex 960 Small Form Factor
Dell part numbers: FR610, PW116, RM112, 67T67 R224M, WU136
Model numbers: F235E-00, L235P-01, H235P-00, H235E-00, PS-5231-DF LF
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