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DELL H275P-01 235W SFF Power Supply Bulk DP/N: RM117, HP-L2767F3P1, PW124, WU142, RW739, N275P, WD561

SKU: RM117
NewPowerSupply.com new item 1 year warranty.
*** Discontinued ***
Genuine DELL 235w Power Supply
Replacement PSU for Dell Small Form Factor Systems:
Optiplex 740, 745, 755, GX520, GX620. Dimension 5100c, 5150c, 9200c. XPS 200, 210
Replaces the following Dell Part Numbers:
MH300, RW739, YK840, KH620, YD358, R8038, N8368, XM554,
K8964, YD080, TD570, N8373, FR619, PW124, RM117, WU142
H220P-01, N220P-01, N275P-00, H275P-00, HP-L275GF3P, H275P-01, D275P-00, L275E-01, N275P-01, H275E-00, D275P-00, H275P-01, L275E-01, HP-L2767FPI LF, DPS-275CB-1A, HP-U2757F331 LF, PS-5271-3DF1-LE

Model: H275P-01
DP/N: RM117
P/N: HP-L2767F3P1 LF
AC Output: 100-127V 6A, 200-240V 3A, 47-63Hz
DC Output:
+5V 18A, +3.3V 5A, +12V 17A, +5VFP 4A, -12V 0.5A
+5V and 3.3V Shall Not Exceed 106W,
MAX Output Power: 275W
Safty: UL, N, R32098, CCC S&E, TUV, CE, RoHS
Bulk pack

1x 24-Pin ATX Power Connector(Converted mini-ATX)
1x 4-Pin ATX Power Connector
1x SATA HDD Power Connector
1x Slimline SATA Power connector
1x P5 Power connector
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