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Dell HP-U280EF3 280W 1U Power Supply for PowerEdge-750 PE750 Powervault 745N PV745N Model: HP-U280EF3, P/N: JC626

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Dell 280W HP-U280EF3 PN: JC626 Power Supply for for PowerEdge-750 PE750, Powervault 745N PV745N Model: HP-U280EF3
Compatible Poweredges
DP/N Y5092
Similar DP/N W5916, Y5092
Part NumberCN-0JC626, JC626
TypePower Supply
Maximum Power208 watt
Input Voltage100v-127v 5A, 200v-240v 2.5A
Input Frequency47-63Hz
OutputOutput +5v 20A, +12v 18A, +3.3v 10A, -12v 0.6A, +3.3VFP 3A. MAX. Output Power 280W
SaftyUL, R32098, CE, CCC S&E, N, TUV
Connectors1x 20pin P1 connector, 1x 6pin P2 connector, 1x 8pin P3 connector.
PackageBulk pack
Cooling2x 40mm Fan
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