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Dynatron Top Motor DF126025BH-3G 60x60x25mm 12V DC 2 Ball Bearing 8000 RPM Cooling Fan

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Dynatron Top Motor DF126025BH-3G 60x60x2mm 12V DC 2 Ball Bearing 8000 RPM Cooling Fan
Dimension: 60mm x 60mm x25mm
Voltage: 12 V
Speed: 8000 RPM
B: 2 Ball Bearing / S: Liquid System: 2 Ball Bearing
Current: 0.48 AMP
Watts: 5.76 W
Air Flow: 43.498 CFM
Static Pressure: 17.252 mm/H2O
Noise: 52.1 dBA
Connector: 3 pin
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