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Micro ATX 180W (SFX12V Power) Upgrade for Gateway, bulk-pack

SKU: ATX-180-51NIV
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Micro ATX-180W (SFX12V Power)
This Micro ATX12V power supply is a 180W, SFX Form Factor, five output unit with remote on/off, energy star certification, UL, CSA, CB, TUV, NEMKO and CE approvals. Small, yet delivers power to spare ! +5 Standby line sources up to 2A of current. Airflow drawn out of case by 80mm internal fan. AC input is positioned on short side of power supply. Compliant with Intel P4 SFX12V Power Design Guide 2.0 and AMD Athlon requirements. Manufacturer P/N 180W-FON5I1V. Upgrade for FSP150-51NI, Bestec ATX-100-6, HIPRO HP-G1507A3C, Astec ATX90-3405, Astec ATX93-3405, Newton NPS-90AB-1, Newton NPS-90-2A, Newton NPS-145PB-117, Delta DPS-145PB-117 and Gateway spares part numbers 6500192, 6500329, 6500361, 6500401, 6500451, 6500495, 6500505, 6500506, 6500507, 6500510, 6500545, 6500527
Power Supply:
Astec ATX90-3405 / Astec ATX93-3405 / Astec ATX145-3515
Bestec ATX-100-6
Delta DPS-145PB-117 A/B / Delta DPS-145PB-117 D
Enlight EN-8156903
Fortron/Source FSP150-51NI
HPC-150-101 (Enlight)
Newton NPS-90AB-1 B (Rev 1)
Newton NPS-90-2 A
Newton NPS-145PB-117 A Rev 00 (NPS-145-PB-117A) - 6500505, 6500507, 6500510
Newton NPS-145PB-117 A Rev 03 - 65 - 6500545
Powertronics WK-6145-DL3
Dimensions 4.9" x 3.9" x 2.5"
CoolingBall bearing fan
ProtectionBuilt-in Triple Protection.
Noise LevelNoise Killer feature -- automatic fan speed control with built-in temperature sensor.
ATX 20pin
ATX 20pin (x1)
ATX12V (x1)
Peripheral (x4)
Floppy (x1)
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