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One 20 Pin to HP Mini ATX 24 Pin ATX Power Connector Adaptor PSU Model: ATX20M24HP

SKU: CR-6003
NewPowerSupply.com new item 1 year warranty.
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2 to 9pcs $4.88 each
10pcs & up $4.83 each
Shipping: $3.49
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ATX 20PIN to Mini ATX connectors 24 pin.
Mini ATX connector 24 pin are fully support with various latest release hp system.
One 20-Pin to Mini ATX 24-Pin ATX PSU Connector Adaptor
Fit for

s3500f, s5160f, s3521, s3100n, s3521.uk, s3500f
s3521.sc, s3521, s3122x, s3521.uk, EN996AA, s3521.sc
s7310n, s3122x, s3120n, s7310n, s7220n
s7120n, s3120n, s7210n, s7120n, s7400n
s7410n, s7415c, s3431, s7420n, s7210n, s7421c, s3431.uk
s7500e, s3430f, s7500n, s7400n, s7500y, s7410n
s7510n, s7415c, s7515x, s7420n, s7517c, s7421c
s7527c, s7500e, s7530n, s7500n, s7600n, s7500y, s7603w, s7510n
s7605n, s7515x, s7612n, s7517c, s7613w, s7527c, s7617c, s7530n
HP 5188-7520, EN996AA
HP 5188-7520
HP 5188-2755, s7220n
Slimline s3431
HP 5188-2755
HP 5188-7602
s7600n, s7620n, s7603w, s7627c, s7605n, s7320n, s7612n, S3400T
s7613w, s7700n, s7617c, s3707c
HP 5188-7602
s7712n, s7620n, s7713w, s7627c
s7727c, s7320n, s3220n, S3400T
S3420F, s7700n, s3707c
s7712n, s7713w, s7727c, s5120f, s3220n, S3420F
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